Accessibility of our App

Our app was built to be compatible with screen readers. However, we do not have a VPAT at this point (we are looking to create one in the future). A visually impaired student provided us with the following feedback on their experience using our app on their iPhone and iPad with the pre-installed screen reader, Voiceover:

"I found it relatively easy to access all of the necessary components of the app on both devices, but I preferred to use my iPad. My iPad has a much larger screen and has a keyboard built into its carrying case which made it exceedingly easier to complete the daily gratitude entries and meditation reflections.

"You can also use the "dictate" button to perform those tasks but I preferred to type them.

"There is some difficulty with using Voiceover to set the meditation timer for a specific length of time, however that issue shouldn’t prevent the student from being able to fully participate in the course since they will be using the guided meditations…"

We will improve the functionality of the meditation timer in a future release.