Self-Guided Koru "Class"

Ready to dip your toes into Koru Mindfulness but can't quite make it to a teacher-led class? Take this 4 week self-guided "class" and get started learning our skills and key concepts.

The Mindful Twenty-Something

Get our book, The Mindful Twenty-Something

The Mindful Twenty-Something will guide you through a 4 week introduction to the fundamentals of mindfulness. It will also help you develop the habit of a regular mindfulness practice. Available in print, as an ebook, or an audio book, this book will be the road map for your self-guided class.

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Create your Account and Register

Register for the 4 week Self-Guided "class"

By registering you'll gain access to our mobile app which contains almost everything you'll need to build your mindfulness and meditation practice. You will not be able to login to the app until you register for this course. Make sure you complete all 4 steps required for a successful registration:

  1. Click "Register Now" on the registration page (scroll to the bottom of the page).
  2. Create New Koru Account
  3. Verify your email
  4. Confirm Attendance (make sure you click "Yes, I can attend all classes").
    Keep in mind, however, there are no actual classes that you must attend as this is a self-guided class.
  5. Pay the $3.99 App Fee & complete registration

You can register for the self-guided "class" at any time. Please keep in mind that our system is designed to be an in-person course and thus, you will come across communication and language referencing your teacher or an in-person class. Please disregard these as they are not applicable to this self-guided "class".

Register for the Self-Guided "class"

Using the App

Download and start using our app

The Koru mobile app will support your learning by guiding you through the skills you are learning in the book and keeping track of your progress. Download it (available on Google Play and Apple Store), sign in, and explore!

To start your daily practice, tap the START PRACTICE button and follow the prompts on the screen to log your practice as outlined in the book.

Make sure to check out what's behind those purple lightbulbs! app-key-concept-icon

Please keep in mind that the app is designed to support students in their in-person class. Please disregard language referencing classes.

Check out our Resources

Tutorials and other Resources

We've got lots of resources available, like video tutorials and frequently asked questions. Make sure to check those out!

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